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The easiest thing you can do for your health and looks: drink more water

You probably already know that exercising and eating right are key ways to improve your health. But, you may be overlooking one major health necessity that is as close as your kitchen faucet – water. It’s vital all year long, even during winter months when you might think hydration is less important.

healthy living - winter time on longisland

Simple Ways to Bust Winter Blues

(BPT) – Shorter days, colder weather, icy roads, and less sunshine – winter can be a serious downer. It’s not just in your head, either; 14 percent of Americans suffer from the winter blues and 6 percent have the more serious form of doldrums known […]

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5 health improvements you can make today that will pay off for a lifetime

Improving your health and wellness can seem like a daunting task, especially if you know you have some bad health habits to break. But, several improvements you can make today can result in tremendous health benefits.

Healthy Living - DIY Spa Solutions

Forget the pricey trip to the spa with simple DIY tips and tricks

With a whole new year ahead, now is the perfect time to relax and refresh with at-home spa treatments that are easy, natural, luxurious and, best of all, affordable. When using natural ingredients, there are endless possibilities.

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February 2015 News

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“Thought of the Month: Giving does not impoverish. Withholding does not enrich:”

Healthy Comfort Food

Enjoy healthier comfort foods while keeping the comfort

Enjoy the tastes you love without the extra calories (BPT) – Comfort foods remind us of home, warmth and family; they are often the creamy, rich and heavy everyday foods we had as children. Things like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and fried chicken may […]


Can the power of positive thinking change your life?

A positive attitude is one of the most powerful assets you can have. Positive people find success, good health, happiness, wealth and rewarding relationships throughout their lives. This is not because they are already successful, or because they are more confident, it is simply the attitude. The law of attraction is that positive thoughts lead to positive results.

The best New Year’s resolution? Don’t make one!

If your health resolutions from last year have fallen by the wayside, you’re not alone. Don’t let last year repeat itself. Instead of setting large goals, focus on staying physically active and making healthier choices year round. Taekwondo is the perfect choice to get back into shape and to stick to your goals!


Resolve to Get Healthier

If you’ve made (and then broken) the same old weight- or health-oriented resolutions each January, you’re not alone. It might be time to focus on research-proven approaches to get healthier that actually work — without gimmicks, diets that eliminate foods, or buying strange foods and equipment.

Healthy New Year

January 2015 News

Happy New Year!

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