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Buddy Day


What is Buddy Day?

It is where you, the student, get to be the instructor for the day. All you have to do is invite 1-3 friends, family members or “buddies” with you to a white belt class. (Thursday at 5PM)
They should be people that may be interested in our program.

Everyone likes to be a leader, everyone likes to have fun. This is an excellent way for you to introduce someone to our program and benefit just like you have.


What Do We Do In Class?:

Just like your class. We warm up, practice together, you teach your “buddy” basic moves and help them along the way.


Why Should I Bring A Buddy To Class?:

First of all, it is a lot of FUN. You get to be an instructor, a leader and see all the benefits of helping others. Also, because this is a family place and we want quality students, like yourself, who will help raise the standards of our school and community.


What Do I Do Now?:

Kindly, have your “buddy” fill out the form by clicking on the event link and return it when they come with you to class. Please have it filled out before you get here. Then introduce us to your buddy, be a leader, set a positive example and have FUN.

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