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Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 2 PM
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At our training camp, your child will have tons of fun, make new friends, learn about fitness & Taekwondo!

As part of the curriculum, martial arts training is the major focus.
Each day will consist of stretching, warm-ups, strength drills and Tae Kwon Do training.


Martial Arts

At our martial arts summer camp, your child will have tons of fun. As part of the curriculum martial arts training is the major focus. Each day will consist of stretching, warm-ups, strength drills and Tae Kwon Do training.

Fun and Games

To break up the training sessions and to keep focus and concentration at their peak, your child will participate in various games. These games also enhance athletic ability that develops coordination, speed, power, etc. Such games may be relay races, dodgeball, tug of war, indoor baseball, indoor basketball, king of the ring, and much more.

Mental Awareness

In addition to the message of the month, a discussion on mental awareness will also be a part of our camp. Such discussions on drugs, smoking, strangers, your surroundings, avoiding conflicts and peer pressure, leadership qualities, perseverance and much more.

Tae Kwon Do Training

The Tae Kwon Do training will be divided into segments similar to our curriculum for a complete well-rounded focus on advancement and improvement. Examples of such segments are forms, kicks, self-defense, sparring drills, sparring competition, sweeps/throws/ rolls/dives/misc., pad work, kicking, and flying kicks.

Message of the Month

As part of each and every day, we will have a discussion on a message of the month. These messages focus on discipline, respect, proper etiquette, and other mannerisms that are important in self-improvement and developing positive attitudes.

Who Can Participate?

Any student, family member or friend, ages 4-12 that is looking to gain valuable experience and extra practice to drastically improve themselves and abilities.
Any child, ages 4-12, that is looking for a different kind of summer camp and that may be interested in perusing martial arts training.

Details for our Summer Camp 2019

Weeks are Monday to Friday from 9am-2pm

Snack and Juice will be provided each day.
A bagged lunch is required every day except on Friday when there will be Pizza and a Movie.

The Cost:

1 WEEK: $175 or $165 for  BBC Members

2 WEEKS: $300 or $285 for  BBC Members

3 WEEKS: $400 or $370 for  BBC Members

(choose any/all weeks you want)

(Fee’s must be prepaid in full 1 month before.)

*Limit  18 children per week

We also offer early drop-off at 8:30 am & late pick-up for your convenience … FREE!

Our Sayville Summer Camp is a great place for kids to disconnect from devices & connect with friends!