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October 2015 News

October 1, 2015 School News No Comments

TAE KWON DO PROMOTION: October 17th  10:30am (classes canceled)

  • Special note promotion spectators: Please try to bring as few people as you can.
    Also please try to keep children still and as quiet as possible. Thank you.
  • Tae Kwon Do promotions do not involve everything the students have learned.
    It will consist of their Form, Kicks, Some Misc. and Sparring/Board Breaking.


Our School Grows Because Of You!

If you sponsor/refer a new member (family/friend) you will receive Tae Kwon Do.llars – Good for purchases in our PRO-Shop; T-Shirts, Equipment, Uniforms, etc.



Power Weekend @HighKickTKD is held twice a year with a ceremony and demonstration recognizing Black Belts and their hard work.

Over this weekend, students testing for Black Belt status or maintaining their Dan status, will spend two days being tested on such areas as Poomse, Kicking Combinations, Kicking Techniques, Sparring, Board Breaking, Conditioning and so much more.

DATES: October 24th. and 25th.

 ALL Black Belts must attend to progress towards next Dan!
Review your student handbook.

The Black Belt promotion ceremony will be held on TBA.


HALLOWEEN PARTY: October 29th @ 5PM

Halloween Movie Party: Thur. October 29th.  5 PM to 7 PM
Come dressed in your costume & have fun!

This is a FREE party, but please sign up so we have a head count. (See flyer in lobby.)


Keep Calm & Practice Tae Kwon Do @ High Kick TKD in Sayville, NY!IMPORTANT DATES:

  • School Closed: October 25th & 29th
  • BBC Classes: 10/10  @ 10:00 AM


  • Student of the Month – TBA
  • Post your favorite TKD shots & belt promotion photos to our Facebook Page!



Join the Game!

Kids love it when their parents play with them. So encourage children’s fitness by taking up a sporting activity for the entire family. Have a game of catch. Walk or bike to school together. Play hopscotch. You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment or special classes to encourage your child to exercise!

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