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Power Weekend April 2014

High Kick TKD - A Black Belt Never Quits - TaeKwonDoOn April 26th and 27th students at Peter Speciale’s High Kick TaeKwonDo participated in our Power Weekend.


Power Weekend @HighKickTKD is held twice a year with a ceremony and demonstration recognizing Black Belts and their hard work.

The Black Belt promotion ceremony will be held on May 29, 2014.


This weekend, students testing for Black Belt status, through 2nd Dan, spent two days at peak performance being tested on such areas as Poomse, Kicking Combinations, Kicking Techniques, Sparring, Board Breaking, Conditioning and so much more.


Congratulations to all students! I am proud of all our students who have achieved reaching their goals of becoming a black belt!

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