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What is the Black Belt Club?

The Black Belt Club is an association of active Black Belts and those who have set getting Black Belt as their Martial Arts goal. A BBC membership entitles students to special benefits for their commitment to the Black Belt and beyond. To qualify, a student must be dedicated to Black Belt Excellence, demonstrate hard work and commitment, and be nominated by their instructor. As a member of the BBC, he/she is looked up to by others as an inspiring model of dedication.

Benefits and Privileges

Being a member of the Black Belt Club testifies to the student’s high level of dedication to, and proficiency in, the Martial Arts. It is common among BBC Members to take a leadership role in the classroom and outside of the school. By joining the BBC, you are letting everyone know that your goals are the highest.

  • Special training classes 2x a month
  • Lower promotion fees
  • Eligibility for the “Power Team”
  • Discount on merchandise
  • Optional Special uniform
  • BBC uniform patch
  • Additional savings on Black Belt promotion

Overall the objective of the BBC is to help its members attain their personal best. As Martial Artists, emphasis will be placed on skill and technique, but we should also strive to develop our personal skills in order to grow in a well rounded fashion.