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Tae Kwon Do Promotion Checklist

Are you getting ready for promotion? Follow our quick guides! Click on the colored belt to review the requirements for each belt promotion.   HIGH POOM POOM RED HIGH BROWN BROWN PURPLE BLUE HIGH GREEN GREEN ORANGE YELLOW HIGH YELLOW: WHITE

October 2013 News

September 26, 2013 School News No Comments

Happy Halloween!
Reminder – POWER WEEKEND is here!
Thought of the Month: β€œIs it true that great people do more listening than talking?”

Student Creed

October 7, 2010 Student Handbook No Comments

The student creed reflects the principles of the five tenets – courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. As the student creed is recited at the beginning of each class, you are pledging your commitment to learning to live by the tenets.

How to Tie Your Belt

October 7, 2010 Student Handbook No Comments

Belt color signifies rank, or proficiency. The small colored bands across the end of the belt indicate the levels within each colour. Students have to pass practical and theory tests to progress to the next rank. A serious student can reach black belt in two […]


Black Belt Study Guide

October 7, 2010 Student Handbook No Comments

For students studying for their Black Belt exams – we encourage you review all your material, set up extra sessions with your instructor (if needed), and look over the Black Belt requirements.