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Black Belt Requirement Checklist

Black Belt Candidate

At High Kick TKD we are very excited about your upcoming black belt promotion. Through dedication and hard work your goal is now reality that you will be reaching shortly. Below is a check list for you to follow of things that you will need to do, know, and accomplish before admittance to your test. Some require commitment and sacrifice, however, after years of training, that’s what is needed to reach your goals.

  • Attend a minimum of 8 special training classes. (No Make Ups)
  • Attend a minimum of 3 classes per week. (Not including Special Training)
  • Cardiovascular workouts at home 3 times per week (jogging, bicycling, etc.)
  • Must have great energy/spirit levels in all classes
  • Give back to school (promotions, events), show loyalty and gratitude.
  • Follow all school rules and regulations.
  • Extensive knowledge of all requirements. (Physical and Mental)
  • Must attend Power Weekend (NO MAKE UPS!)
  • Must pass written test and all power weekend events.
  • Must memorize the Black Belt Oath by power weekend plus other to be recited individually at the Black Belt promotion.
  • All promotion fees must be paid prior to power weekend.

Black Belt Classes

What to expect in Black Belt Classes:

  • You may also take the regular classes outside of Black Belt classes.
  • All classes will be planned one month in advance as to what will be covered in each upcoming class
  • These classes are for Black Belts only.
  • More sparring (Approx. 3x month) In addition to your other sparring classes.
  • More Self Defense
  • Grappling techniques (holds, escapes, locks, and more)
  • More pad work (combinations and advanced techniques)
  • Cardiovascular workouts
  • Review of all past requirements
  • Advanced forms and combinations


Classes will focus on all of the above with emphasis on advanced techniques. All classes will be high energy, motivational, instructional, and above all … FUN.

It is time to re-motivate and re-charge yourself to a higher learning and higher goals, 2nd Dan.

Black Belt Oath
I. I, –(Name)–, accept with honor and privilege the Black Belt in the Martial Arts and do hereby promise to uphold the standards of honesty, integrity, courtesy, high moral code, and idomitable spirit.
II. I sincerely pledge to honor my instructor and school with loyalty and support and to value and carry-on the Martial Arts tradition with respect and dignity.
III. I further pledge, with humility and gratitude, to continue my mental, physical, and spiritual growth to the highest level, to lead by example, and to share what I have learned with others.

Promotion Checklist
– Click on a belt to view the requirements for each belt.


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