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Black Belt Study Guide

October 7, 2010 Student Handbook No Comments

For students studying for their Black Belt exams – we encourage you review all your material, set up extra sessions with your instructor (if needed), and look over the Black Belt requirements.

Gup Order
Yellow     8th Gup
Orange     7th Gup
Green     6th Gup
Blue     5th Gup
Purple     4th Gup
Brown     3rd Gup
Red     2nd Gup
Poom     1st Gup
Dan     1st Dan

Colors Definitions
Blue     chung
Red     hong

Tae Kwon Do – The Art of Kicking
Tae     strike with the foot
Kwon     strike with the hand
Do     art and way of life

Important Dates in Tae Kwon Do History
57 B.C.     Silla was founded on the Kyongju plain
50 B.C.     Earliest Records of TaeKwonDo
37 B.C.     Koguryo was founded in the Yalu River Valley
18 B.C.     Paekche was founded in the Korean Peninsula
668 – 935     Silla Dynasty
935 – 1392     Koryo Dynasty
1392 – 1907     Yi Dynasty
1909     Japan invaded Korea
1943     Karate, Kungu, Judo was officially introduced
1945     Korean armed forces were formed and Tae-Kyon became part of their training
1945     First Kwan “school” opened in Seoul
1945     Korea liberation from Japan
1948     Establishment of North Korea
1948     Establishment of South Korea
1957     Tae-Kyon became known as Tae Kwon Do
1961     Korean Tae Kwon Do Association was formed
1973     WTF is formed
1988     TKD becomes an official Demonstration sport in the Olympics (Seoul, Korea and Barcelona, Spain)
2000    TKD becomes an offical Medal sport in the Olympics (Syndey, Australia)

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