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School Conduct Rules

October 7, 2010 Student Handbook No Comments

Help keep our safe and friendly by following these guidelines.

  1. Bow to the Instructor(s) when entering and leaving the school.
  2. Bow to the Instructor when entering and leaving the practice area (Do Jang).
  3. Bow when entering and leaving the Do Jang.
  4. Do not face the Instructor, higher belts, or flags when tying belt or fixing your uniform (Do Bak).
  5. Show respect to higher ranks, especially the Instructor.
  6. Have a clean Do Bak at all times and have it folded neatly when leaving the school.
  7. Telephone the office if you will be unable to attend class for an extended period of time.
  8. No food, beverage or chewing gum will be allowed in the Do Jang.
  9. No profanity, no loud talking, and no horseplaying on school property.
  10. Maintain discipline and know the tenets of the art and the student pledge.
  11. Do not teach without the Instructor’s permission.
  12. Report all injuries to the Instructor.
  13. Do not try any techniques until the Instructor has shown you the proper way to execute them.

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